Washington High School DECA Prepares for Victory

Washington High School DECA is very excited to send over 25 members to compete at the Indiana DECA association conference this March!

An opportunity like this meant it was extra important for our members to keep their eyes on the prize and focus harder than even before during their competition preparation.

In order to prepare for this conference, members have been practicing every Monday night and once a week during homeroom period. The competition will be fierce and we’re up against many other dedicated DECA competitors, but it’s safe to say Washington High School DECA is ready to compete!

I look forward to seeing many of our chapter members get the opportunity to go to the DECA International Career Development Conference in Atlanta, Ga. Speaking from personal experience, ICDC is one DECA experience you do not want to miss!

See you there and good luck to all those DECA members competing this spring.

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