Getting Ready for Competition

Springtime means DECA association competitions are here!

McClintock DECA is preparing to compete by practicing role-plays, speeches and presentations. This is a very exciting time for our members because they have the opportunity to show off the skills that they have worked so hard to develop over the past year. It's also an opportunity to create lasting memories with their chapter members.

From freshman to seniors, McClintock DECA has member of every grade competing this year. This allows our members to develop their role-play or written events skills over a longer period of time, which means better-prepared competitors in the years to come!

Our members’ dedication to preparing for their events is truly outstanding. When the time came for them to take their test, they spent an hour in our advisor’s room, focusing and demonstrating their great skills. From this point until the competition, they’ll spend their free time practicing role-plays between classmates, as well as with our advisor.

This year for the written event category, there is only one competitor representing McClintock DECA. She worked intensely on her 30-page paper during January and spent February creating and perfecting her speech.

McClintock DECA is so proud of its members for working so hard to accomplish their goals, dedicating their time and creating memories with DECA!

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