DECA Scholarship Winners Attend IFA Annual Meeting

DECA's National Advisory Board (NAB) partner, the International Franchise Association (IFA) Educational Foundation, recognized Ashlyn Williams and Jacob Huisinga as the 2013-2014 Don DeBolt and Doc Cohen Scholars, respectively.

Ashlyn and Jacob were selected through DECA's annual scholarship program based upon their DECA involvement and career path interest through entrepreneurship.

Part of the scholarship award includes the opportunity to attend the IFA annual meeting. This year's meeting was held in New Orleans, La. In addition to participating in the meeting's professional workshops, the students represented the IFA/DECA partnership on the conference show floor, heard from national business and political leaders like former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Popeyes' CEO Cheryl Bachelder and were recognized on the IFA awards stage.

For more information about the IFA/DECA partnership and scholarship opportunities, visit the IFA Educational Foundation page.

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