Collegiate DECA Members Can Now Receive Student Performance Data

Thought you did really well in your competition but are wondering why you didn’t get called up on stage as a finalist? Student Performance Data (SPD) will now give members the opportunity to learn from the results of their ICDC performance!

SPD evaluates your performance based on your exam score (if applicable) and your presentation in front of your judge(s). SPD’s provide each competitor with their percentile ranking on how they performed in comparison to members within their chartered association and members at the international level.

You will have the option to register to receive your SPD when you register for the Collegiate DECA 2014 International Career Development Conference. The cost is $5.00 per student.

This not only has tremendous value to the students, but to administrators and advisors as well.  SPD breaks each competition down into different instructional areas allowing you to decide where to focus your efforts in prepping for future competition and providing feedback on what you have learned in the classroom.

So when getting ready for ICDC, set aside an extra $5 for your competition performance results! If you have any questions, please reach out to your national officers or Shane Thomas.

Please note that raw scores from competitive events are not given out.

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