3 Easy Studying Tips for DECA-cated Members

For many of us, association career development conferences are coming up, which means now is the perfect time to improve your study skills!

Whether it be the Business Management and Administration, Finance, Hospitality & Tourism or Marketing exam, we all need to gather up our DECA materials and get down to work!

Studying doesn't have to be a torturous activity that leads to tears on your textbook. Make the task just a bit less agonizing with a few of these study tips:

  1. Flashcards

Whether you use virtual cards on an app or old-school colored index cards, having flashcards is a great and efficient way to study. Quiz yourself! Have a look at them while you’re riding the car or take a glance during spare periods of time in your classes. Every little bit helps when you’re preparing to be a DECA champion.

  1. Group Up

Who says you need quiet time in a locked room to study? Though DECA may be a professional association, we know how to have fun too! What better way to have a good time than being surrounded by ambitious and passionate people who share common goals and interests as you? Gather all of your fellow DECA buddies and have a study session! Quiz each other, practice role-plays, and motivate each other to work a little bit harder to make it on stage.

  1. Make it Interesting

Create a game out of it! Study different business aspects in an accent, dramatically “rehearse” a role-play or reward yourself for every few exam questions you answer correctly. For the music lovers, compose a song! “Hospitality, it means not being a brutality, let’s work together to increase morality *Falsetto* OOOOH!”

And if you need a little more encouragement to start hitting the books for your exams and role-plays, think about the bigger picture – the opportunities and knowledge you will gain. And of course, picture arriving at the International Career and Development Conference!

It’s a new year, so start it off right by leading yourself down the road to success. Now, exit this tab, and start studying!

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