Get Support for Your DECA Public Relations Projects

As a supporter of DECA's 2014 Public Relations Project, the Selective Service System recently teamed with DECA staff to create a webinar that provides chapter members with a unique opportunity to utilize the Selective Service System as the focal point of their Public Relations Project.

This webinar features Pat Schuback, public affairs specialist at the Selective Service System and Scott Ward, principal of Fifth Estate Communications.

The Selective Service System's public relations firm shares tips for launching a successful PR campaign, resources available online that have been tested in the field and ongoing support for students and advisors as they develop campaigns. 

Students who take on the Selective Service public relations challenge can make a real difference in their communities by working to spread awareness that registration is a legal duty that comes with major benefits for a young man’s life. If you are interested in learning more about taking on the Selective Service System public relations initiative and would like more resources or information, you can watch the DECA webinar or contact Shelby Krick.

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