DeForest DECA Member Highlight

Jess Beardsley is a senior at DeForest High School and a four-year member of DeForest DECA. Jess is an exceptional member and deserves recognition for the impact she had made in our chapter the last four year.

Jess holds the highest rank officer position in DeForest DECA and is the overall president for the recently combined chapters of DECA and FBLA. Jess acts as the bridge between the two organizations, keeping communication steady and overseeing all actions. Because she has been with DeForest DECA for all of her years of high school, Jess runs the Korner Store as her senior internship.  

Every morning, Jess arrives to DeForest High School early in the morning to open the store.  Jess devotes two lunch periods as well as her 5th hour to run the store. This time is spent making cookies, keeping track of the daily sales, serving customers, planning and making orders, cleaning appliances and utensils, counting and making deposits and restocking if necessary.

Jess also gives up her study hall periods to get the store ready for business. Every afternoon, Jess serves customers until 3:35 before shutting the store down for the day.

“Running the Korner Store has not only taught me an incredible amount of lessons, it has also helped me grow as a student and a leader,” Jess said. “On a daily basis, I am able to enhance my customer service, organizational and time management skills.”

Jess has been a very successful competitor during her four years in DECA too, as she has qualified for state the last two years. During Jess’s sophomore year, she and her partner earned several medals as well as a plaque for the Buying and Merchandising Team Decision Event at districts and qualified for state. As a junior, Jess decided to challenge herself and prepared a project for the first time in her high school career.

“For state, we wanted to try something new so we decided to do the Advertising Campaign event. This was a new challenge for us but we were very determined and open-minded. We put much work into both of our DECA commitments,” Jess says of her junior year.

She and her partner medaled at state for one of their role plays and found themselves a single point away from qualifying for nationals.

Jess is determined to make it to ICDC this year, especially since it is her senior year. Jess has made many new friends through DECA and looks forward to seeing where her experience with DECA will take her in the future.     

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