3 Ways to Remember All Your Members

January can be a busy time for many advisors as they coordinate chapter projects and competitions. The challenge this time of year is focusing on your entire chapter, not just those involved in competition.

Seasoned advisors have mastered the art of celebrating all levels of involvement, whether it was met with success or disappointment. Now is a great time to integrate activities that will include everyone.

Here are three easy ways to keep your entire chapter involved this year:

  1. Start by having fun.  Create committee of officers and/or members whose main focus is chapter morale.  Every member may not come back a winner from your local competition, but celebrating their participation will go a long way in encouraging your members to participate again next year, and it will build morale. Acknowledge their participation on the school announcements, on a bulletin board or in your classes.
  1. Engage your members who will not be advancing on to competition. Plan socials, recognition opportunities, community service activities and even a mentor or support role. Ask members to sign up for these activities and then reward them by acknowledging their participation. Recognize them during your class, at a chapter meeting or with a small reward from your school-based enterprise.
  1. Create a rewards system for your members.  Many advisors have created a DECA lettering system that assigns point values for all aspects of participation and all members have an opportunity to earn a letter. This is a great time to review the guidelines for earning a DECA letter. You could also consider a “Member of the Week” or “School Store Employee of the Week.” And don’t forget to recognize those members who are your top fundraisers if you are in the midst of a winter fundraising project.

Creating an environment where every DECA member feels their participation has an impact on the success of the chapter will go a long way in maintaining engagement throughout the year. Have fun and celebrate every member’s contribution.

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