Welcome to 2014!

Welcome to 2014!

Now that we’ve reached the middle mark of the school year, here are a few things to keep your chapter pushing toward a successful finish!


Has your chapter met its membership goal for the year? Go above and beyond by recruiting students who join your second semester classes, as well as alumni and professionals. Help us reach 200,000 members this year! Don’t forget all competitors at the DECA International Career Development Conference must be on a submitted roster by March 1, 2014. Your association may have an earlier deadline.


Celebrate DECA and Career and Technical Education during CTE Month in February. Participate in DECA’s Advocacy Campaign and earn recognition for your chapter while promoting the impact you are making.

Competitive Events

The competitive season is in full force as many DECA members are working to be named an international champion. Take advantage of the many resources in the Compete section on DECA Direct Online.

Start Planning for 2014-2015

Be sure to get the important dates, like future ICDCs, on your school calendar now. That might help avoid conflicts with prom and other spring activities.

Best wishes for a successful second half of the school year. Please contact me if you need any assistance or have questions.

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