The Impact of DECA

DECA has been changing lives since 1946 and has had a huge impact on student achievement and preparing members to be not only college ready, but career ready.

DECA teaches members to think quickly on their feet and solve problems; equipping students with the skills to overcome obstacles and achieve college and career success. DECA improves education and career opportunities for students around the world. DECA members are five times more likely to want to own their own business and nearly 450 high school DECA members already reportedly own their own business.

When applying for a job, having DECA on your resume is an easy way to stand out above the rest. Having DECA on a college or job application signals that you have the skills to be a leader in career areas such as marketing, finance, hospitality and management.

DECA builds a network of experienced leaders who understand the power and responsibility of private enterprise, teamwork and leadership. With such a system of support, DECA is sure to help you achieve great success in your career.  

DECA drives its members to excel at their work and improve their performance in all areas of their life. Through DECA, members learn that competition can be a good thing, it’s healthy to work hard for a goal and to push yourself to be the best you can be.

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