Re-engage Your Students This New Year

Happy holidays to all our amazing advisors!

It’s time to celebrate a successful first half of the school year! Congratulations on everything you and your chapter have accomplished so far.

It’s also time for many of you to take a short break and recharge. Take some time to reflect on your successes and goals and get ready for the excitement ahead. For many of you, your next competitive conference is just around the corner.

Before you leave for your break, make sure you’re ready to kick off the New Year with some fun and challenging activities. Consider starting class on your first day back from break with a DECA role-play as a bell ringer. This will help your students get re-engaged and DECA-ready for what lies ahead.

Try this bell ringer to help your students get back into DECA mode after their break:

“You are a manager for Perfect Purchase, a chain of retail stores that sells consumer electronics and cell phones. It’s the holiday season and sales are very good, but the owner knows that from January to March sales are dismal. The owner has asked you to develop a promotional campaign that will entice customers to shop at Perfect Purchase after the holiday season.  You have five minutes to list three promotional activities that you believe will boost sales during the slow months. Be prepared to present your ideas.”

Have a joyous holiday season and get ready for more opportunities to Make It Count in 2014!

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