Western Region Leadership Conference Recap

One month ago, more than 2,500 DECA members from all over the Western Region gathered for one of the biggest Western Region Leadership Cnference ever! I was beyond excited to have the privilege to attend this conference with some of the most dedicated and brightest DECA leaders. I may be a little biased, but I definitely think this conference lived up to (and far exceeded) the several months of hype.

Over the course of three days, Western Region DECA members attended a wide variety of workshops, presentations, excursions and exciting sessions to help them rise to the top. We were thrilled to have some of the best speakers, presenters and entertainment at this year’s conference including Judson Laipply, Dennis Watkins, Steven Foster, the Phoenix Sol Patrol (and Phoenix Suns) and many more. Over all, you could say we pretty much conquered Phoenix with that awesome DECA energy that we all know and love.

You can relive all the excitement, energy and enthusiasm from #WRLC201 in this year’s conference flashback video!

This conference was a stepping-stone for the next few months ahead. Now it is time to incorporate the things you learned at WRLC into your chapters and get motivated for the upcoming competitive event season. The International Career Development Conference in Atlanta is only a few short months away and now is the time to Make It Count!

One thing I personally took away from WRLC was the reassurance that the Western Region is in fact the “Bestern Region.” I am honored to work with such an incredible group of leaders with the common desire to excel. Whether I was walking through the hotel or convention center, helping with a workshop, or speaking from the podium, I saw what it truly means to be DECA-cated. You rock, Western Region DECA!

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