The Importance of Hashtags

You log onto Twitter Monday morning and see a tweet from a DECA chapter in Idaho. It is a quote by Winston Churchill that says, “Never, never, never give up,” followed by #MotivationalMonday. @DECAInc has re- tweeted it, then you re-tweet it and now everyone is motivated for their day.

This all started of with a simple hashtag. The importance of hashtags is their ability to let DECA members connect worldwide through one simple pound sign. With DECA Month happening during the month of November, it is crucial to you take advantage of social media and connect with members all over the world by using DECA’s many hashtags.

As many of you know, networking is a key element in any aspect of business and with social media becoming an increasingly successful tool for reaching target markets, it is important to know how and when to correctly use hashtags.

For example, you should use hashtags with topics that are relatable to what you are tweeting about. Such as, a tip on test preparation or delivering a successful role-play should include #TipTuesday so other members can find and use these pieces of advice. You shouldn’t tweet a picture of your cat and use #TipTuesday. It doesn’t contribute any valuable content to your followers and hurts the credibility of the hashtag.

Taking part in hashtags and using them appropriately is crucial to the success of you and your chapter’s Twitter presence. You’ll not only get your chapter’s name out there for the DECA community to see, but you’ll start connecting and sharing important ideas with those chapters you may not be able to physically interact with.

Some other Twitter tips to remember are to spell check your tweets and make sure they are appropriate before you send them out for the world to see! What you tweet represents you, your chapter and your fellow members. More importantly, businesses are beginning to use social media as their main tool of recruitment for employment. Make sure they see how business-savvy you are by keeping your Twitter clean, current and creative!

Now that you know the importance of hashtags and how to correctly use them, the Buchholz DECA chapter encourages you to use hashtags to connect and expand your network. By doing so, you’ll be a DECA social media specialist in #notime.

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