The Skills to Make a Difference

Collegiate DECA is more than a business organization on campus. It is a community of like-minded individuals that not only want to make a difference on their campus, but also in the world.

Collegiate DECA instills members with 21st Century skills needed for the business world: confidence, professionalism, ingenuity and creativity. Collegiate DECA members are constantly tasked to use these leadership skills to manage meetings, organize events, plan trips or prepare competitors.

It may not be obvious to everyone, but Collegiate DECA members make not only exceptional business professionals, but are equipped from the beginning to be successful entrepreneurs as well. From recruiting members at orientation to competing at international conferences, Collegiate DECA members know how to sell a product, develop a functional business model and think on their feet at a moment’s notice.  

Collegiate DECA isn’t filler on a résumé but a symbol of accomplishment. No matter what your studies or majors, Collegiate DECA takes those lessons and transforms them into real-world experiences members can build upon for a successful future.

Whether you knew from an early age you were born to be an entrepreneur or you’re just starting to discover your entrepreneurial passion, Collegiate DECA can help you achieve your dreams. In every challenge lies an opportunity to think outside the box and create something new.

So this year, how will you take what Collegiate DECA gives you and turn it into your opportunity to showcase your entrepreneurial talents?

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