Showcase Your Innovation to the World

Do you have a knack for turning every-day items into incredible inventions? Don’t let these skills go to waste! Use them to become internationally recognized in DECA’s Idea Challenge 2013!

Idea Challenge LogoIdea Challenge 2013, which begins November 15, is open to students around the globe. This competition challenges secondary and college-aged student teams to find a new use for a common, everyday item. Teams will showcase their new product in a short YouTube video that will be reviewed by a panel of judges.

The winners of last year’s Idea Challenge, Team EcoWear (Mission San Jose High School, Fremont, Calif.), turned the chosen item, a plastic grocery bag, into a fashionable hat and handbag.

“Participating in the Idea Challenge was a wonderful experience,” said Pranay Singal, a member of Team EcoWear. Singal’s suggestions to teams wanting to participate this year are to focus on your presentation, take time to develop a brilliant idea and find a creative way to market it.

Singal’s fellow EcoWear teammate, Cherielynn Tsay, advised interested participants to, “Work in a group that you can have fun with, but at the same time, get things done and be able to come to an agreement. Also, collaborate with people with different talents.”

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is all about thinking outside the box and taking a leap of faith. Idea Challenge 2013 is the ideal place to begin your own entrepreneurial journey, so get started today!  

Learn more about Idea Challenge 2013 here.

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