Support MDA During DECA Month

DECA Month is right around the corner and with #DECAMonth comes the opportunity to serve the community and make a difference.

I challenge every chapter and association to supporting DECA’s largest charitable partner for over 30 years, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, during DECA Month.

MDA serves nearly 40,000 young people with neuromuscular diseases. There is currently no cure for muscular dystrophy, but MDA is leading the way in finding one and if we band together, we can make a difference in defeating this terrible disease.

There are dozens of ways to support The Muscular Dystrophy Association through The Movement, but one of the easiest and perhaps most effective is a Miracle Minute. The idea of a Miracle Minute is simple: collect as much money as you can in one minute. Most of the time, people will be willing to donate a few dollars on the spot. This fundraiser is great for gatherings of all sizes and can work in your chapter, school or even community.

To get started, find the local MDA office in your area. The staff at MDA offices around the country are looking forward to helping DECA members excel and through this valuable partnership.

For more fundraising ideas, head over to the Facebook and Twitter pages of The Movement and learn how your chapter can #MoveForMDA!

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