Ontario DECA Competition Secrets from #DECAPowerTrip

I can’t believe I was able to get advice on DECA’s Competitive Events Program from a national officer – but not just any national officer. North Atlantic Region Vice President, Jack Fenton Ontario DECA shared some of Ontario DECA’s best-kept competition tips and tricks for those attending the Ultimate DECA Power Trip in Boston, Mass.

Jack’s main points to remember were to remain calm, cool and collected during a role-play. Also, members should keep in mind that the judges only want them to succeed, so there is no reason to be nervous!

Although Jack shared tons of great advice, his top four tips that even he uses during competition were:

  1. Smile – Most people walk into a role-play timid and scared, but a smile shows you’re enthusiastic and confident! Don’t forget to show those pearly whites and impress your judge.
  2. Ask To Be Seated – Judges are briefed to look out for this specific manner because it counts in your overall impressions score. Most of the time, judges will tell you to take a seat, but if they don’t, just ask, “May I have a seat?” This shows your professionalism and can help in the long run when the judge is scoring you later.
  3. Handshake – Your handshake emits your confidence. It needs to be firm and project an image of, “I’m ready and I know what I’m doing.” You don’t want a limp fish grip, but you don’t want to crush your judge’s hand either. Remember to look your judge in the eye and smile while you are shaking hands and introducing yourself. Finally, if your hands get sweaty before you walk in, nonchalantly wipe them on your pants and you’ll be good to go!
  4. Give A One-Sentence Reminder – Your judge will see tons of people in your same event and hear the same things over and over. Before you conclude your role-play, wrap it up by ending with a one-sentence reminder to make you stand out.

If you are trying to figure out a solution to your case study, work backwards and step in your judge’s shoes. Find the optimal solution and work backwards with this as your starting point. Don’t forget to answer your performance indicators in a logical flow too!

With these awesome new competitions tips, I know that once district competitions roll around, you’ll be ready to rock the role-play!

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