A Hypnotizing Experience at #DECAAfterDark

During #DECAPowerTrip, DECA members came together on Saturday night for an amazing #DECAAfterDark experience! On top of a DECA-themed costume contest, professional hypnotist Pete Mamos inspired the crowd with his masterful skills and took members on a journey through their wildest imaginations.

Among the various members being hypnotized onstage were, Jack Fenton and Lexy Parsons, the North Atlantic Region and Southern Region Vice Presidents. The hypnotist began the session by having these members “relax” so that they could be in the correct state of mind to begin their journey. After the members had been successfully entranced, Mamos began to do his work.

The hypnotized members took an imaginary and hilarious journey through the countryside, saw movies in their imaginations and even dragged their favorite “celebrities” out of the crowd! Mamos had the entire crowd on the edge of their seats waiting to see what crazy antics the hypnotized members would do next!

Check out these highlights of the night’s funniest moments:

DECA After Dark wasn’t over yet, though! There was still the costume contest to compete in.

Members were encouraged to dress up in different categories and share their pictures via DECA’s Facebook page. Members could then vote for their favorites and the winners received DECA Images gift cards. While there we so many costumes that were amazing, my two favorites were these:

The Great Gatsby – Gatsby and Daisy

Jimmy and Hannah from Northbridge DECA (MA)

Zombie Prom Queen

Rayanne, Carly, Alex, and Helen from Parkside DECA (ON)

So what did DECA members think of #DECAAfterDark? The general consensus was that it was awesome! Thanks to Pete Mamos for entertaining all the Power Trip attendees and congratulations to the DECA After Dark Costume Contest winners. 

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