Get Out There!

Whether your DECA chapter has been established for three months or 30 years, it is always important to go out into your community and promote your chapter’s accomplishments. DECA is a platform for members to do great things and individuals within your community, whether an educator or business leader, should know about your achievements.

How do I get out into the community?

There are plenty of local events and organizations that your chapter can reach out to. Recently, Legacy Christian Academy DECA attended our local Rotary Club luncheon, which is attended by many business and political leaders in our community including Texas State Senator, Tommy Williams. It is tradition at Rotary Club meetings for guests to be recognized and introduced to by current members, which provided the perfect opportunity to advocate for DECA and to inform community leaders of our newly established chapter.

How do I get into a Rotary Club meeting?

When looking for opportunities to reach out in the community, don’t be afraid to look for connections within your school. Many students may have parents or grandparents who are involved in different community organizations, like the Rotary Club. In our case, one of our members’ parents is a part of our local Rotary Club and helped us secure an invite to the luncheon. Don’t be afraid to look to your own members, other students or school faculty for ideas and connections.

Why do I need to promote DECA within my community?

Establishing a relationship between your chapter and community leaders can open doors and lead to future opportunities. Additionally, it is beneficial to the DECA organization as a whole to tell others of the great things DECA is doing nationally and at the chapter level. The best way to strengthen your own chapter and the entire DECA community is to bring awareness to as many people as possible.

Other outlets that would be beneficial when reaching out include city council meetings and other community-oriented events. Hosting or participating in community service projects is also a good way to show DECA’s support for local initiatives.

Remember to never limit yourself when it comes to community outreach. Leaders within your community want to know what you as DECA members are doing. Even though they may not know what DECA is, you can serve as the ambassadors for DECA guiding principles.

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