Competitive Events in the Classroom: Principles of Business Administration Events

As a new DECA advisor, it can sometimes feel like DECA is something added to your plate rather than co-curricular. I learned a secret early in my career that allowed me to take my lesson plans and my students to the next level without adding more work. That secret was DECA’s Competitive Events Program.

While teaching an Introduction to Business and Marketing course, I was looking for real-world case studies to share with my students and discovered DECA had already created a classroom resource that fit this need. Over the past few years those resources have expanded to include competitive events designed just for students in an introductory business/marketing course who are first-year DECA members. 

As an advisor, I couldn’t have been more excited to have yet another way to engage my students, provide real world application and help my students develop job interview skills. DECA’s Principles of Business Administration events did just that for my students.

One easy way to integrate DECA’s competitive events into your classroom instruction is by using a bell ringer activity, like the one found below, to help introduce the day's instructional topic:

You’ve just been called for a second interview for the position of customer service representative for Fabulous Floors. If you are hired, your responsibilities will include making appointments for estimates and installations as well as responding to customer questions and complaints. Seventy percent of Fabulous Floors' customer service communication is done through email. You have 5 minutes to explain how professional emails help to reinforce the service orientation of this business. Be prepared to present your response.

Having this activity on your students' desks engages them from the moment they walk in the door. Plus, you have provided a real-world scenario that will lead into a meaningful discussion on business communication methods.

Consider taking it a step further. If you have students who enjoy this type of activity, encourage them to enter your local DECA competition in one of the four Principles of Business Administration events categories. This particular category is designed for a single participant, first-year DECA member who is enrolled in an introductory business/marketing course. In competition, the participant will complete a 100-question multiple-choice exam and a content interview situation. The competitor has 10 minutes to prepare and 10 minutes with the judge.

I encourage you to take advantage of what DECA has already developed. DECA’s Competitive Events Program is a great way to integrate experiential learning activities that will help your students experience success beyond the classroom.

Sample role-plays for each event are available for free download on DECA's competitive events page. Competitive events booklets with a variety of business scenarios can be purchased through DECA Images. Many advisors find these to be valuable classroom resources for preparing students for competition, as well as for college and careers.

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