Virtual Business Challenges Team Registration Now Open

DECA offers its high school members four Virtual Business Challenges, which are official competitive events that operate as online simulations and challenge students to interpret actions, charts and graphs to make strategic decisions.

In the Virtual Business Challenge-Personal Finance (VBCPF), participants will manage bank accounts, credit and debit cards, bills, credit scores, taxes, insurance and investing.

In the Virtual Business Challenge-Restaurant (VBCRS), participants will manage specific marketing and business concepts such as market research, menu design and pricing, adver­tising strategies and purchasing within their own restaurant.

In the Virtual Business Challenge-Retailing (VBCRT), participants will manage specific marketing concepts such as pricing, purchasing and promotion within their own conve­nience store.

In the Virtual Business Challenge-Sports (VBCSP), participants will manage specific marketing concepts such as ticket pricing, media planning and sponsorships within their own football franchise.

Team registration is now open! Follow these easy steps to register your members.

  1. Have your DECA members visit to register and form teams. If your students already have a VBC account, they will not have to register for new accounts, but they will still have to create new VBC teams. Download a PowerPoint to explain the student registration process.
  2. Log in to your advisor account at to approve the teams under your chapter. If you already have an account, use your current password. If you don’t have an account, login using your e-mail address and the password, “password” and then change your password as soon as you login. 

Each simulation will be using online versions of Knowledge Matters’ Virtual Business simulations. No downloading or installation will be required.

The dates for this year’s qualifying rounds are:

  • Challenge 1: October 21, 10:00AM EST – November 15, 5:00PM EST
  • Challenge 2: January 6, 10:00AM EST – January 31, 5:00PM EST

Knowledge Matters will sponsor each of the four VBCs and provide $1,000 for each first place team, $500 for each second place team and $250 for each third place team at the International Career Development Conference in Atlanta.

For more details and rules regarding the DECA Virtual Business Challenges, please visit If you have any questions regarding the DECA Virtual Business Challenges, contact Maureen Ginley at

Contact Knowledge Matters at if you are having trouble accessing your account.

Good luck to your chapter’s members!

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