Upholding the Integrity of DECA's Competitive Events Program

DECA’s Competitive Events Program provides a venue for more than 100,000 DECA members to showcase the knowledge and skills they have learned through a competitive environment. DECA Inc. provides exam and scenarios to chartered associations for the exclusive purpose of conducting district and association conferences. Due to the high stakes associated with winning, we all must work together to ensure the integrity of DECA’s Competitive Events Program is maintained at the district and association levels.

Each association has its own competitive events timelines, and some members compete for the first time in October while others may not compete until February. Not following the guidelines outlined below could give members in other associations an unfair advantage. Do not assume that just because your conference has concluded, others across the world are in the same situation.

It is imperative that all DECA advisors and members uphold the integrity of the competitive events program by following the policies adopted by DECA’s Board of Directors. The main points of the policies are:

  • Under no circumstances may exams or scenarios, in whole or in part, or any items within, be distributed prior to district or association competition. Performance indicators and evaluation forms may not be shared prior to competition. Only those individuals designated by the chartered association advisor to operate competitive events should possess exams or scenarios prior to competition.
  • Evaluation forms for the scenarios may be returned to the competitors or their advisor at the conclusion of the competition to provide feedback from the judges. No other part of the scenarios or any part of the exam may be returned to the competitors or shared with anyone else.
  • All exams and scenarios must be collected and destroyed after one-time use in official competition. Exams and scenarios cannot be maintained, collected, or in any way used by advisors or competitors until they are officially released by DECA Inc.
  • Under no circumstances may exams or scenarios, in whole or in part, or any items within, be published or posted on any website or otherwise distributed. DECA Inc. is the only entity allowed to post these items online and it will be done according to the provisions outlined below.

DECA Inc. will post on its website the district exams and one district scenario for each competitive event on March 1, 2016, as a service to provide members with additional learning and practice opportunities. Association level exams and scenarios will be available through DECA Images starting on April 1, 2016.

  • Any chapter which violates DECA’s exam or scenario distribution and use policy will not be allowed to participate in the current school year’s International Career Development Conference.
  • If any exams or scenarios are posted on a chapter or chartered association website or otherwise distributed, the chartered association will not be eligible to purchase exams or receive scenarios from DECA Inc. for a period of one year for the first offense.

If you have questions or concerns about these new policies, please do not hesitate to contact Shane Thomas, Director of Competitive Events.

This article was originally published September 30, 2013. Updated July 16, 2015.

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