Member Registration 101

Whether you have 10 members or 300 members, your membership is the foundation of your DECA chapter. Your members define the level of outreach within your community, your growth potential and the overall success of your chapter.

Many of you have already held recruitment activities and are now reaping the rewards of good promotion with numerous students requesting to join your chapter. Now comes the important step of getting those members registered so they are an official part of your chapter.

Follow these step-by-step directions to register your members.

Member Registration

  1. Log on to
  2. Use your User Name and Password to access your chapter’s information.

    1. If you do not have this information, contact Michael Mount in our membership department at
    2. DECA’s membership registration form now shows you prior year membership statistics. This will help you set goals for this year.
  3. Update your chapter’s information by going to Main and Chapter Information to make sure it is updated and correct.

    1. Be sure to tell us if you have a School-based Enterprise (SBE) and what type of business your chapter operates.
    2. Be sure to indicate how many copies of DECA Direct, the magazine, you would like to receive for your chapter.
    3. This is where you can also change your password.
    4. You may request more membership pins by going to Main and Request Additional Pins.
  4. To register STUDENTS, go to Roster and select Students.

    1. You have the option of selecting students who were registered in your chapter last year and are currently members again this year.
    2. You can also enter students manually.
    3. If your student is a chapter or association officer, you can now indicate that in your registration.
    4. T-shirt size is optional, but is a feature that is integrated into other conference systems so you may wish to utilize this option.
    5. Please consider adding your officer’s email address so that they can begin receiving DECA communications specifically for chapter or association officers.
    6. Please be sure to spell your student’s names correctly. This information is used for registration and name badges for conferences.
  5. To register ADVISORS, go to Roster and select Advisors.

    1. This is where you can edit advisor information and add or delete advisors.
    2. Click Renew if an advisor is already listed and you are registering them.
  6. To register ALUMNI and PROFESSIONAL members, go to Roster and select Alumni/Professional.
  7. Double-check the spelling of your members' names before you SUBMIT.

    1. Simply make the corrections if you have not yet submitted names.
    2. To correct a misspelled name after you have submitted your roster, go to Roster and Students, and utilize the Change Name Feature next to the student’s name. This generates an email to DECA. You will receive an email from DECA once this change has been approved.
  8. To SUBMIT your members, go to Roster and Submit Rosters to DECA.

    1. If you have check or PO information you can fill it in, if not simply click Submit.
    2. This will generate an INVOICE you can print.
    3. All membership dues are paid to DECA Inc. Payment information is provided on the invoice.
    4. Submit your invoice to the appropriate school finance official as soon as possible.
    5. To view statements and rosters, go to Reports and select the type of report you wish to view.
  9. Print membership cards and certificates.

    1. Under Reports there is also the option to print membership cards and certificates to present to your members along with their membership pins.

Did you know there’s even a chapter campaign just for membership? Make It Count with DECA membership by registering your members and start working on your Membership Campaign today!

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