Make It Count to 20K

DECA continues to lead the way in social media among Career and Technical Students Organizations (CTSOs) and we want you to be a part of it!

This year, DECA is striving to reach 20,000 likes on the DECA Inc. Facebook page and 10,000 Twitter followers! Will you be a part of this amazing achievement?

If you haven’t done so already, head over to DECA’s Facebook and Twitter pages and be sure to like and follow DECA. This way you’ll be able to receive all the best news, photos and updates DECA shares through social media daily!

If you are already a loyal follower or fan of DECA on social media, you can still help DECA reach its goal!

  • Share and retweet DECA news and posts so your followers can see what they’re missing out on by not following DECA.
  • Encourage your own fans and followers to visit the DECA pages too.

Did you recruit some awesome new DECA members to your chapter at the beginning of school? Well what better way to get them plugged into all things DECA then by helping them like and follow DECA Inc.?

  • During a new member meeting or at the first chapter meeting of the year, be sure to encourage all your new and current members to find DECA Inc. on social media. This way they’ll never be in the dark when it comes to exclusive DECA announcements or news.

You can even get your parents, teachers, alumni and business partners clued into DECA news by encouraging them to follow and like DECA as well. DECA shares information on scholarships, E-Learning series, professional development opportunities, corporate partner activities, alumni stories and conference that are of importance to all these groups.

This is no ordinary year and DECA is no ordinary organization. Help DECA reach 20,000 Facebook likes and 10,000 Twitter followers and watch DECA #MakeItCount this year online and offline!

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