Check Your Mailboxes! Pins Are On Their Way

The membership pin mailing for the 2013-2014 school year is out and will be arriving at your school any day now if you haven't received yours already. 

This mailing boasted an impressive collection of materials including 195,000 pins, 7,000 @decainc social media correspondent pins and 5,000 #MakeItCount mouse pads all in 3,500 boxes and envelopes. Check out the stack ready to be shipped out of the DECA Inc. headquarters!


This mailing includes:

  • Membership pins 
  • Two DECA Inc. social media correspondent pins
  • Make It Count mouse pads for advisors
  • Make It Count guide book

Advisors, start this year by passing out the membership pins to all your chapter members and designate two members to be your chapter's official DECA Inc. social media correspondents. Then check out the Make It Count guide book for information on competitive events, chapter campaigns and conferences happening this year. 

DECA cannot wait to see the amazing things its chapters accomplish this year and knows its members will #MakeItCount in 2014!

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