This Is Our Year. We Will Make It Count!

Welcome to a new and exciting year of DECA!

There are so many unique opportunities to get involved in what DECA has to offer this year. Whether you’re just starting out in the organization or you’re a veteran member, there’s no doubt you’ll have a chance to make an impact within this incredible organization. In early July, your National Officer Team developed our program of work that highlights five key aspects of our organization where you can Make It Count: community service, member engagement, advocacy, communications, and membership development.

Make It Count by changing the world. There are so many ways for DECA members to make an impact through community service. One way is to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association by encouraging your chapter members to participate in a new and improved The Movement. Show your community that DECA is making a difference in the world, one person at a time.

Make It Count by engaging in DECA’s chapter campaigns. Bring your chapter together to accomplish tasks that will not only improve your chapter, but also bring together friends, peers, advisors, and community leaders, so that you can all be recognized on a national level!

Make It Count by advocating for support of DECA’s mission. Contact your local legislators and meet with them to discuss the importance of Career and Technical Education and Career and Technical Student Organizations. Try reaching out to local businesses too and show them the benefits that come with supporting your chapter and association.

It’s going to be an absolutely incredible year. Take initiative, make a change, push harder and keep your eyes on your ultimate goal: a ticket to the International Career Development Conference in Atlanta, Ga.

Don’t wait till tomorrow or next week—do it today. Do it now. This is the year to Make It Count.

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