NAAEI Offers Apartment Career Information for Teachers and Students

The National Apartment Association Education Institute offers a wealth of resources for teachers, DECA advisors and student members to use. These resources are freely available online and many can be downloaded and shared or—in the case of our videos—viewed as part of a classroom activity.

With the help of our members and affiliated state and local apartment associations throughout the nation, we have assembled a wide variety of educational materials ideally suited for students or others who want to learn about our industry and the types of jobs it offers.

These resources feature information on typical apartment industry career paths, the many types of job opportunities to be found in the industry, background on four-year college degrees in property management and job search tips. We also highlight the individual stories of people working in the industry and what their typical day on the job looks like.

Some of the websites described below include downloadable flyers and brochures that teachers can print and distribute to students.

In addition, NAAEI offers DECA members the opportunity to take the National Apartment Leasing Professional (NALP) designation program online at a very significant discount. For DECA members, it's $49, marked down from the NAA member price of $299! DECA members interested in exploring a leasing career can earn a provisional NALP certificate (provisional because students lack the six months of apartment leasing experience) that will help them stand out from other job applicants. To learn more about earning the NALP certificate, contact

In the meantime, I encourage you to visit the sites highlighted below to learn more and hear from others about the enthusiasm people working in the apartment industry have for their jobs.

  • offers teachers and students great information on industry career paths, four-year college degrees in property management, job search tips and what benefits our industry offers its employees.
  • includes a wealth of information on the apartment industry in an interactive website that is fun to explore with students. Through this site, you can learn how the apartment industry and its residents are supporting your community.
  • Our website features the stories of two recent college graduates who are now working in the apartment industry, as well as a webinar and presentation that will introduce your students to apartment careers. We also can help you set up an apartment community tour in your local area for your DECA chapter.
  • Every year we hold our annual NAA Education Conference and Exposition featuring experts discussing a wide variety of topics affecting our industry. Many of the sessions from our June 2013 conference have been recorded and would be perfect for watching during a class. You can find the full list of available sessions at Once you find one you would like to use, please contact Sarah Levine in our office at to obtain access to the online video.

In addition to these resources, your local apartment association can assist you with arranging classroom speakers, coordinating class tours of local apartment communities and assisting any students interested in job shadow opportunities. You can search for an affiliate in your area by visiting

This is just a sampling of what we offer for teachers and students. I also encourage students and teachers to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We are constantly posting news about the apartment industry, industry education opportunities and job search strategies. If you have a question about the industry, feel free to post a comment or send us a message.

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