Earn an Opportunity to Attend DECA’s Innovations and Entrepreneurship Conference in Chicago

DECA invites you to use the upcoming Innovations and Entrepreneurship Challenge as an exciting opportunity for your members to win their way to Chicago!

This year’s challenge invites DECA members, in teams of 1-3, to present an innovative business proposal via a short YouTube video. Business concepts should enhance the lives of consumers and must be related to one of the following themes: technology, environmental sustainability, personal health, or tourism.

DECA staff and National Advisory Board partners will evaluate the entries and invite the top three teams to attend DECA’s Innovations and Entrepreneurship Conference in Chicago, Ill., to present in person. A $1,000 travel stipend will be awarded to each of the top three teams.

The Innovations and Entrepreneurship Challenge is designed to be a fun way for DECA members to showcase their entrepreneurial talents and earn recognition for their unique ideas and solutions. Incorporate this activity into your fall teaching plans to excite and energize your students.

Below is a timeframe for submissions:

  • Challenge registration/video posted deadline – October 4, 2013
  • Top 3 participants (or participant teams) notified – October 18, 2013
  • Top participants present at DECA Innovations and Entrepreneurship Conference (Chicago) – November 8-10, 2013

For a complete list of details, click here.  

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