Integrating DECA into Your Back-to-School Activities

With September comes the excitement of back-to-school and back to DECA!

The stores have been advertising it for months, students and parents have been preparing to switch gears as they wrapped up the summer season, and teachers have been anxiously waiting to meet their new students.

This is the perfect time of year to promote DECA, get your students excited about the year ahead and engage them in fun classroom activities.

Here are some suggestions on how you can integrate DECA into your classroom and help your students connect with their new classmates:  

  • Have a DECA promotional poster contest among your classes.

  • Have upper level classes create a DECA promotional video for your chapter to show to potential members at all stakeholder levels.

  • If you have a school-based enterprise, have your students create a back-to-school advertisement and have the class vote on the coolest one.

  • Have your students create promotional ads for membership recruitment and use them on your chapter’s social media outlets.

  • As a class, choose an organization to support as a community service project this quarter.

However you choose to integrate DECA into your classroom, have fun with it. Help your students define how they will Make It Count this year with DECA.

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