Start Your Engines – It’s Time to Get DECA Started!

If you’re a NASCAR fan, you’re familiar with that feeling of over-the-top anticipation when the announcer says, “Start your engines!” A good starting position, a fast pit crew, and the endurance to make it lap after lap to the checkered flag make for a successful race.  For some advisors, managing a DECA chapter can be a lot like running an exciting fast-paced race.

A good starting position means you’ve got your plan in place and goals are set. Your pit crew is your leadership team that is ready to handle the maintenance, pit stops, and celebrations of each successful event. And that checkered flag might mean the completion of five chapter campaigns, making stage at a competition, earning a scholarship, or increasing your chapter’s membership. While crossing that finish line means something different for everyone, it still comes with great excitement and a deep sense of accomplishment for your members.

Starting the race for some can be the most challenging part. Whether you’re at the starting line or have completed a few laps already, here are three key ways you can position your chapter for a strong start this year and an eye on the checkered flag.

  1. Introduce DECA to your students.

    • Show the DECA promotional video to your classes.
    • Do a scavenger hunt with DECA’s website and DECA Direct Online.
    • Have your leadership team or upperclassmen who were in DECA last year do a class presentation and share with members how they plan to Make It Count this year.
    • Create a bulletin board that introduces each of your officers on your leadership team and their contact information for new members.
  2. Plan your year.

    • With your leadership team, develop a program of work.  Set your goals, create your calendar and define your chapter’s action plan.
    • Develop a communication plan that integrates social media as well as personal connections with current and potential members. Example: assign each officer a small group of members to reach out to and personally invite to upcoming events.
    • Post your chapter’s calendar of events on a bulletin board, social media board or in a prominent place where potential members can see the fun activities you have planned.
  3. Connect with your administration.

    • Invite your administrators to a chapter meeting.
    • Host a “Welcome Back to School” breakfast for your guidance counselors and administrators.
    • Share your calendar of events with your principal.

Regardless of how you choose to start, be sure to set your pace and keep your eye on the checkered flag. This is your year to Make It Count!

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