The DECA Direct Online Ultimate Experience

Are you looking for an interactive and engaging way to introduce your members to DECA Direct Online? Are you a DECA Direct Social Media Correspondent and want to showcase the website to your chapter or class?

Explaining DECA Direct Online can be difficult, so DECA has an even better option for you! 

By using the DECA Direct Online promotional video, you can showcase the capabilities and resources of this comprehensive DECA tool to any audience you are presenting to. Parents will be wowed by the expansive breadth of articles, advisors will love the highlighted resources, students will be delighted to see their chapter recognized in published articles and your chapter's sponsors will be impressed by the professionalism of this digital platform. 

Here are just a few ways you can utilize the promotional video:

  • Use it as a follow-up the "See for Yourself" membership recruitment video to give potential new members a better idea of the resources, tools and opportunities available through DECA.
  • Show it at back to school nights to give parents a better idea of how they can stay connected with DECA news, events and information. 
  • Send a link to your administrator so they can see how DECA showcases chapters through the social media correspondent program. 
  • Play it during your first chapter meeting while you hand out your two @DECAInc pins to your chapter's Social Media Correspondents so the entire chapter knows what an honor it is. 
  • Post it on your chapter's Facebook page or tweet out a link so even more people can experience DECA Direct Online. 

You can use DECA Direct Online for so many things like sharing best practices, getting news and updates, finding competitive event tips and reading exciting alumni stories.

To help your DECA chapter or class utilize DECA Direct Online better, try integrating these article worksheet into class activities. 

DECA can't wait to see the innovative and creative ways you use the DECA Direct Online promotional video to bring more awareness to this amazing DECA resource. If you want to share how you or your chapter integrated the video into your meetings, events or social media, tweet me and let me know! 

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