Don't Just Read DECA News, BE DECA News

A new DECA year is about to begin and it's time for you to make some changes. Don’t stand in the background and wait for your chance to be heard; Make It Count this year and be the one everyone else is listening to!

The DECA Direct Social Media Correspondent program is looking for motivated and dedicated DECA members to create and share stories throughout the year.  As an official correspondent, you will have your articles published on and be recognized as the ultimate sources for DECA best practices, breaking news and important updates. 

This year, each DECA chapter will receive two @DECAInc social media correspondent pins. Two members from each chapter will be designated as their chapter’s official correspondents. If you are chosen, submit your application here and you’ll soon receive your welcome letter containing all the information you need to know about being a correspondent.

DECA asks its correspondents to do two things:

  1. Submit articles

As a correspondent, you need to submit one article a month. Your articles can be about a successful event run by your chapter, a best practice other chapters can learn from, competitive event tips or even articles about college and career readiness. Once your article is published, you will receive a tweet from @DECAInc with the unique URL code for you to share with all your chapter members and friends.

  1. Share DECA Inc. news

DECA correspondents should also be sharing other DECA Direct articles, Facebook posts, and tweets. As a correspondent, you will serve as the brand ambassadors for the DECA Direct name, so be proactive in getting everyone you know to read, like, share and follow DECA news!

If you’re ready to have your stories read by over 200,000 DECA members, advisors and partners, then get started today! Talk to your advisor about becoming your chapter’s official correspondent or sign up on your own here.

This is no ordinary year and you are no ordinary DECA member. Make your voice be heard this year by becoming a DECA Direct Social Media Correspondent.

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