DECA Supports 21st Century Skills Development

21st century skills are a series of skills and abilities that employers seek in their employees. In order to succeed in today’s workplace, employees must excel in the 4Cs:

  1. Critical thinking and problem solving
  2. Communication
  3. Collaboration
  4. Creativity and innovation

Making sure students achieve knowledge in these areas is so important to their future career success. Hiring managers seek candidates that know how to solve complex problems, work in teams, and clearly communicate ideas with others.  21st century skills will also help students during their high school and college years.

DECA realizes that 21st century skills are important to college and career success. All DECA and Collegiate DECA competitive events support the development of 21st century skills. Role-playing events require students to be problem solvers and effective communicators. Written and prepared events require students to collaborate with local businesses and team members, identify and solve complex problems, and then clearly communicate the project to others. DECA’s Competitive Events Program is a model for assessing 21st century skills and abilities.

Beginning in 2013-2014, DECA will use revised evaluation forms for the high school division’s team decision making and individual series events to include 21st century skills language. 

Team decision making event evaluation forms now contain line items that read:

  • Did the participant team…

    • Reason effectively and use systems thinking?
    • Make judgments and decisions, and solve problems?
    • Communicate clearly and show evidence of collaboration?
    • Show evidence of creativity?

Individual series event evaluation forms now contain a line item that reads:

  • Did the participant reason effectively, use systems thinking, make judgments and decisions, and solve problems?

DECA members know that participating in competitive events prepares them for college and future careers, and now with the integration of 21st century skills, DECA’s competitive event program is more beneficial than ever to helping students Make It Count.

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