What’s DECA All About? See for Yourself!

NEW: Download this year's membership video.


DECA’s 2013-2014 promotional membership video was officially released on Wednesday, August 7, and the response was amazing!

In just 24 hours the video received over 1,000 views on YouTube and through DECA Inc.’s social media post, it received an incredible amount of likes and shares. DECA members feel that this year’s video captures the true essence of being a part of DECA better than any other previous membership video.

@AlexMellott: Well done ‪@DECAInc on your new promotional video! My favorite BY FAR!

@DECAStone: Love the new DECA membership video

@AsherT_gadeca: Check out this amazing DECA Inc. Membership Video.

@Wendy_ml16: Just finished watching the new ‪@DECAInc promo video and I am literally in tears of excitement!! ‪#DECAlove so inspiring ‪#MakeItCount

This year's membership video features the world's largest DECA chapter, South Forsyth DECA in Cumming, Ga. Learn about their experience in making the video in their first-hand account here.

So now that you’re seen the membership video, and shared it on Facebook with all your friends, how can you use it back at school? Here are some easy ideas on how to incorporate the new video into your back-to-school activities:

  • Show the video at the beginning of your first DECA meeting or at an interest meeting for potential new members. You’ll get your current members excited to start a fresh, new DECA year and potential members will see why they have to be a part of this organization.
  • Share the video on your chapter’s Facebook page and have all your members re-share it onto their own pages. You’ll reach their friends who may not know what DECA is and they’ll be directed to explore your chapter’s page to learn more.
  • Do you have an organization expo night or a freshman orientation at your school? Use a laptop or iPad to feature the video during these events. You’ll attract potential members with the innovative new video and be able to share with them what DECA is all about.

Download the membership video.
New this year, you can download an electronic copy of the membership video. This will allow quick access to the video!

"Many of our advisors want the video in early August, so now all chapter advisors can download the video," said Christopher Young, high school division director. "Because of how social media and technology are evolving, we'll be disseminating the video completely electronically this year."

If you have issues downloading the video, please contact Janelle Scudder.

You can also share it on your social media sites via YouTube here.

DECA can’t wait to see how you’ll use this year’s video to make your membership recruitment count!

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