Represent Your Best

As the school year comes to a close and we all get ready to enjoy the long awaited summer break, I ask that you reflect on who and what you represent.

From your high school, teachers and administrators, your sports teams, and even your DECA chapter, you are the representative of all those who support you. As a leader in DECA, you also represent the DECA Inc. staff, advisors, National Advisory Board, and each association, district and chapter in everything that you do.

To represent so many people, programs and organizations within our lives is truly something to be proud of. Consider these three tips over the summer to keep your image and the image of those you represent in check:

  • Think before you post. With all our social media networks streamlined onto our phones and tablets today, it’s easier than ever to share a photo or tweet in seconds. However, take a moment before you click send to consider the outcome of your post. That one moment you wait could mean the difference between sharing a good laugh and putting yourself into a world of trouble.
  • Check your privacy settings. It’s easy to feel anonymous online, but the truth is your digital footprint is bigger than ever these days. What you think you’re sharing with just your friends could actually be accessible by anyone with a computer. Take a second to review your privacy settings on all your social media accounts to ensure their accuracy.
  • Consider your future. You’ve worked hard in school and DECA the past few years to make sure you have a bright future awaiting you. Don’t let an Instagram photo or Vine video ruin all that progress. Respect yourself, your friends and the organizations you associate yourself.

This summer, keep in mind everything that you are associated with to ensure that you truly represent, yourself and everyone who stands behind you. Enjoy your summer, cherish every fun-filled moment, and get ready to Make It Count with DECA!

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