Out of the Ordinary

DECA members come from all over; we are unique in our beliefs, our goals, and our dreams, yet we all share one common bond – DECA.  We know how to step out of the ordinary.

For me, I was just an average, ordinary guy until I discovered DECA. It was DECA that allowed me to reach out and do something that would separate me from the ordinary.  My involvement in DECA is what led me to one of my proudest accomplishments – the Haunted Tour of Daviess County.       

Throughout high school I had a mission to take what was ordinary and make it extraordinary. Coming from a town that my schoolmates regularly referred to as, “the most boring place on Earth,” helped motivate me to change things. It was my mission to “un-bore-ify” my hometown.  Working with a group of friends, we looked for ways to create adventure in our small town.  After months of exploring different channels, we finally found our niche.  Surprisingly, the history of our small town, as I suspect is the case for many, was very rich.           

Before long, our research uncovered a long list of scary stories, supposedly haunted locations, tales of ancient murders, forgotten cemeteries, legends of missing people, and derailed locomotives at the bottom of a deep pond.  Our “average” town quickly became one of the coolest places I’ve ever known.

We quickly put together a plan to utilize this information for something far from boring and ordinary. First, we started taking kids to these “spooky” and “haunted” places telling the true stories and setting the stage for a thrilling experience. Soon we had teams of people joining us to bring this history to life and adding a thrill factor to the tour. It became an absolute blast.

As demand for our haunted tours grew I realized it was time to utilize my DECA skills to grow this program into something even bigger. After brainstorming ideas, I developed a script, defined a route, reserved buses, created tickets, advertised, and set the wheels in complete motion for Daviess County’s first ever “Haunted Tour.”

The tour was a huge success. Hundreds of people came out and we made thousands of dollars for our DECA chapter.  It went over so well, that we continued the tradition the next Halloween as part of our chapter’s Community Service Project for DECA’s competitive event program in which we raised over $20,000.

While this story is original, it definitely is not unique. DECA members all over the country have similar stories of taking something ordinary and making it spectacular. In true Make It Count fashion, start thinking how you can take the ordinary in your life and turn it into something extraordinary this year!

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