Making Your Dorm Room Feel More Like Home

Moving out of your home and leaving for college is both a sad and celebratory occasion. Depending on which college or university you chose to attend will determine the quality of your new housing. While some dorm rooms are brand new, others have a more ‘antique’ feel to them. No matter which dorm room you move into there are a few simple tricks to make it feel like home!

Let Your Personality Show

College is the perfect time to express who you are as an individual. Luckily, you can easily dorm room accessories, from comforters to staplers in every color. Don’t forget about school supplies and kitchen accessories for your dorm room either! For a complete college dorm checklist, click here.

Don’t Leave DECA at Home

DECA doesn’t have to end once you cross that stage at high school graduation. Your days as a Collegiate DECA member are just beginning; so bring all your DECA gear with you to college. For those late night study sessions, a cup of coffee in your DECA mug will be exactly what you need and for chilly nights in the dorm, you’ll be glad you packed your DECA hoodie too!

Bring Your Family with You

Saying goodbye to your family and starting a new life at college is never easy. It’s okay to feel a little homesick and you’re not alone! The majority of freshmen feel the same way you do. Keep your family close by hanging photos around your room to make you feel close even miles away. Thanks to today’s technology like Skype, FaceTime and more, you can even stay in touch no matter what distance is between you and your loved ones. 

Living the dorm life may not seem glamorous at first, but the memories you’ll make as a freshman will be remembered for a lifetime. Start your first year of college off right and make your dorm room feel like home!

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