Summertime is for Trying New Things

John Shaw, the Norristown Area DECA Advisor in Norristown, Penn., is trying something new with his officer team this summer.

The officer team usually comes to school a couple of weeks before the first day to prepare for the upcoming year. However, this year the officer team is starting its preparations in June, just two weeks after the 2013 school year has finished.  

 “I want to get the students started on next year while they are still excited about DECA and when DECA is fresh in their minds,” said Shaw. “Let’s face it, it is hard to motivate [members] when summer is over and school is the last place they want to be. The second reason is simple too, time! We always are looking for more time or we run out of it during the school year. By doing this, I hope to eliminate some of the distractions that occur when schools starts and get more accomplished as the year goes on.” 

One of the new things Shaw is also incorporating a team building/officer trip into this year’s summer plans. Shaw feels that this will help the officers come together as a group and allow them to lay the groundwork for a great year. While on their trip, Shaw hopes the officers will develop the Program of Work for the upcoming year and have everything ready to go for the first day of school. This will allow all the officers to stay ahead on all of their projects and activities.

Shaw’s summer plans not only involve his student officers, but himself as well. “I have had the opportunity to attend several DECA conferences during the summer and they have been awesome! I have meet so many great people that share the same passion that I have and are willing to share what they know. So if you have the opportunity to attend one of DECA’s workshops/institutes, take advantage of it. These institutes give DECA advisors chances to share ideas and gain valuable resources that you can use in your classroom.”

One thing Shaw would suggest to advisors is to start out by doing one thing at a time. “DECA can be overwhelming with all of the different components. There is an old saying ‘jack of all trades, master of none’. Take the time over the summer to become a ‘Master’ and the then you can focus on another aspect of the program.”

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