Putting Together Your Program of Work

Drew Parsons, Wisconsin DECA Association President, says he will be doing a lot of activities with DECA over the summer such as attending the Association Officer Workshop in June with his fellow officers, attending the Chapter Officer Workshop put on by Wausau West DECA & Appleton East DECA in June as well, and he will be helping to facilitate the Wisconsin DECA Chapter Opportunity Workshop in Madison in July.

Drew says a lot of his summer revolves around planning. On more of a personal level in DECA, he and his competition partner, Logan Andrew, will be starting their Sports & Entertainment Promotion Plan. He feels they will have a leg up on the competition if they get most of the project done in summer, and then make minor changes as the year goes on.

Throughout all of Drew’s summer plans though, one activity ranks most important in his mind. His only suggestion to chapter officers and presidents is, “Put together a solid program of work!”

By using the template published on deca.org, Drew explains, officers should include all of the initiatives and tasks that they want to complete throughout the year.

“Then, break all of these down in to sub-goals and attach a due date and a person responsible for each. Although this is tedious and time consuming in the beginning, it saves many headaches when DECA starts to get busy,” Drew notes.

He also urges officers to stay in constant contact with all of your fellow officers and advisors. “You never want to have a dead period!” he says. “Some people make the mistake of losing touch with the entire delegation when one officer team is leaving and the other comes in. In my opinion, there should be a quick transition and everything should be carried out as they usually would have.”

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