Month-to-Month DECA Advisor Summer Schedule

Sandy Wold, the Capital DECA Advisor from Boise, Idaho, starts her summer off by attending the Idaho Professional Technical Education Summer Conference in June. Here, a DECA meeting is held for all marketing teachers to work on plans for the upcoming school year. In addition to this meeting, Sandy has bi-weekly meetings with her two association officers to help them achieve the goals set forth by their association DECA advisor. 

She spends July going through lesson plans, creating new ones and improving successful ones. She tries to update many of her lessons for her classes to keep her students engaged and challenged. Occasionally Sandy will have to update lessons during the year as needed, but she finds that by spend time each day retyping, formatting PowerPoint’s, previewing videos, picking out case studies, and reading up on current industry events in July, she saves herself many headaches during the busy school year.   

In August, Sandy prepares her school-based enterprises to open the first week of school. Her student managers meet with her during the second week so their coffee shop and store open when school starts in late August. They primarily work on ordering, cleaning, pricing, stocking, and displaying to make the stores are completely prepared for customers.

Sandy’s recommendation to those in her same position is to attend conferences over the summer, if possible, to stay up-to-date on changes in DECA and work to tie DECA to your curriculum.  Last year she attended the DECA Chapter Advisor Summer Institute, and even after 31 years of teacher, she left the institute totally re-charged for the school year.

“I do believe that as marketing teachers we do have to renew what we teach,” Sandy said.  “Marketing changes frequently and we need to be prepared to teach to the current trends. Advertising is a great example. Social media has evolved and affected many of the forms of advertising that were used in the past. There are many resources for help in lesson plans and even the current textbooks are written in the Common Core standards format.”  

If you’re not sure how to tackle all your summer plans, take Sandy’s lead and break down your goals for each month. Giving yourself monthly goals and a firm timeline will ensure your chapter, school store and classroom are ready to go once the fall comes.

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