Making the Most of Your Break

Summertime isn’t all business! Just ask Oleg Shvets, the Arizona DECA Association Director. He encourages other DECA advisors and members, “to take some time off for a well-deserved vacation in order to relax, have fun and refresh your brain!”

When it does come to preparing you’re the upcoming year, Arizona DECA has two weeks of association officer training, which will include the Emerging Leader Summit in Washington D.C. this year. Oleg sends one DECA advisor to one of DECA Inc.’s professional development opportunities over the summer and they share what they learned with the rest of the association over the course of the year.

Oleg will personally spend the summer continuing to plan Arizona DECA’s first event, DECAlympics, as well as the Western Region Leadership Conference, which will be held in Arizona this November.

“It's important to understand that DECA is a business and just like any other business, we have competition,” Oleg shares. “DECA has both direct and indirect organizations, clubs and activities that compete over our student's interest and spending options. It is the duty of the association advisor to create demand for his/her association's conferences and activities.” 

Oleg’s suggestions for creating this demand include improving on current conferences and activities, creating new activities, improving marketing strategies, or conducting a SWOT analysis of the organization and figure out how to best maximize exposure and create demand for the products and services.

Summer can be a time to relax, but it also is great time to use the much needed space to reflect on what your chapter or association is doing and how you can improve their actions to make the next year the best one yet.

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