How a DECA Association President Makes It Count

Katy Mounsey, Washington DECA Association President, will be attending the Washington DECA Summer Officer Leadership Training (SOLT) with her new association officer team this summer. Here, Katy and her team will be able to work together to develop their leadership skills and plan their 2013-2014 Program of Work.

Katy will also be representing Washington DECA at Washington Business Week, a weeklong camp where students are able to develop important business skills through a simulated work environment. Katy hopes this experience will aid her in her role as association president for the upcoming year and is looking forward to learning new business and professional skills to pass onto other DECA members.

In addition to those two main activities, Katy will be attending events held by chapters around the state over the summer.

The biggest piece of advice Katy offers is “to not let the freedom of the summertime prevent you from focusing on the upcoming DECA year. There are so many ways that DECA members, specifically association officers, can prepare for the upcoming year over the summer.”

Katy suggests to take advantage of the extra time by visiting chapters and members near you, connecting with other association officers via social networking, or getting a jump-start on planning an upcoming conference or association-wide event.

“If you have already been inducted as an association officer, like I have, remember that your term started back then, not at the beginning of the school year,” she said. “Make these summer months count!”

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