DECA Doesn’t Stop in the Summer

Chapter advisors and leaders constantly ask my chapter members and I how we are able to accomplish so much over the year. For example, my chapter completed all five of DECA’s chapter campaigns this year and earned widespread recognition at the International Career Development Conference. The reason for our success is primarily due to proper planning and using summer as a time to accomplish many of our goals.

If you really want to have a successful all-around chapter, I would recommend the following:

  • Continue to utilize social media over the summer months. This will help keep your chapter relevant and fresh.
  • Create your program of work.
  • Bond with your chapter officer team and chapter leaders outside of school somehow. Consider attending the Emerging Leader Summit, one of your association or provincial summer workshops, a camping trip or rafting trip, or any other type of chapter activity. They key is that it should be outside of school.
  • Do some kind of community service or social activity. You could do this with just your chapter officers or invite your entire chapter.
  • Start working on your written projects, studying performance indicators, or taking practice exams if you want to end up on stage at the 2014 ICDC.
  • Become a DECA Inc. Social Media Correspondent! They would love articles on summer jobs and how they relate to DECA, the transition from high school to college, how to recruit members over the summer and how you plan to Make It Count this next school year.

I asked other successful leaders in DECA how their chapter uses the summer to springboard them into another successful year. Each had their own perspective on how the use the summer best! Take a look at their ideas for making the summer count:

All these individuals and their stories prove that the summer is an important time of the year to everyone involved with DECA, no matter what position they hold. Get a jumpstart on your DECA plans over the summer in order to “Make it Count!” for the rest of the year.

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