Let’s Not Forget

Returning from the International Career Development Conference can be a little tough.

Winning a competition, networking with professionals, and getting recognized for your hard work gives one that “five seconds of fame” feeling that can last for weeks! So returning home may seem a little depressing, but let’s not forget about who got you there!

Without the dedication of your association’s advisors, sponsors, and school support this “fame” feeling could not have been made real. Giving thanks to your supporters is a great way to not only build continued support for your organization, but also show how genuine DECA members really are.

Hosting a thank you event on campus is a great way to thank those who made your journey possible. The Community College of Rhode Island will invite its deans and administrators to have lunch with their chapter members to discuss what was accomplished at ICDC. The members will bring their Passport Award certificates, medals, and other accomplishments to show attendees. Bringing these awards is a great way to illustrate the national recognition the school receives from the ICDC, which will only help your chapter future funding for other competitions, conference or ICDC’s.

Unfortunately, not all of your supporters can always find the time in their schedule to attend a lunch. Sending a personalized email, writing a letter, coordinating gift ideas, or throwing a surprise party for your advisor are all ways to show your thanks and gratitude on a smaller scale.

If you haven’t done so already, this is a great leadership opportunity for you to take on. Get organized, find chapter members to help you plan and get going! There’s no better time to Make It Count than right now.

Did your chapter throw a great luncheon or surprise party? What ways does your chapter thank your sponsors, advisors and supporters? Share with Collegiate DECA on Facebook or on Twitter @CollegiateDECA. We can’t wait to see your ideas!

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