5 Easy Ways to Recruit This Summer

During the summer, it is very easy to relax and take a break from the responsibilities of life. You could be wasting a valuable opportunity though! It is important that Collegiate DECA members use the summer to get a jumpstart on recruiting new members. It’s easier than it sounds—here are five quick and easy ideas to get you started.

1. High School Graduates

College students aren’t the only ones graduating from school in May; so are high school seniors! Many students will travel far from home to attend school and being in a new environment can be frightening. Use this opportunity to connect with the graduating seniors and help them find their “home away from home” with your Collegiate DECA chapter. As your current members go back home for the summer encourage them to speak with the graduates, explain the opportunities available to them in Collegiate DECA, and get started recruiting new members.

2. New Student Orientation

During the summer, incoming students will step foot on your campus to sign up for classes, tour the campus and prepare themselves for college. While students are touring, remember to place signs and flyers around campus to advertise for your chapter. Even if your members cannot present on campus, advertising for your chapter is an easy way to inform new students of your presence on campus and various activities. This simple task will pay off when school starts and they are looking for a way to get connected. In addition to students coming right out of high school, find out how to connect with students transferring from another college or university as well.

3. Chapter Cookout

It is really easy for everyone to go their separate ways once summer hits, so getting everyone back together in the fall is important to reconnect those chapter bonds. When returning members are back on campus, host a chapter BBQ or picnic as a welcome back party. Although all your members may not be able to attend, it gives those in the area the opportunity to reconnect with current members and invite their new friends or roommates as potential members. Make sure you take a moment to discuss upcoming chapter plans for the year to get everyone excited!

4. Advising Packets

As an organization, it is important to have a good relationship with the professors on campus. This is critical for recruitment since professors are some of the first people new students will interact with. By providing professors packets of information or flyers about your Collegiate DECA chapter, they can easily offer students the necessary information to learn more about joining and participating. You could also ask professors if you could speak during the first five minutes of their classes to introduce yourself, Collegiate DECA and announce upcoming meetings for potential members.

5. Social Media

Just because everyone is away during the summer doesn’t mean they’re not connected. Thanks to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, members can keep the DECA pride alive all summer long. Share with others your experience of being a member, the benefits of joining Collegiate DECA and the opportunities available to you because of your membership. You never know who is following your posts—maybe one of your pictures will spark an interest from a potential new member.

What strategies does your chapter use to recruit over the summer and at the beginning of the fall term? Share your own ideas or suggestions on the Collegiate DECA Facebook page or on Twitter @CollegiateDECA. If you have a specific event that you want to share in a little more detail through DECA Direct, send a short article and pictures to communications@deca.org.

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