Top 10 ICDC Moments in Anaheim

This year, DECA students THRIVED in Anaheim, Calif., and the opportunities for DECA members to cut loose and relieve the stress from competition were endless!

Although the DECA International Career Developmenet Conference is really a place for members across the globe to meet and compete, it's also a time for chapters and members to have fun, meet new people and explore a great new city.

Here are the top 10 activities DECA members enjoyed in Anaheim this year:

  1. Spending a sunny day on the beach with chapter members. 
  2. Taking pictures with Disneyland characters. 
  3. Teaching everyone in Disneyland how to throw up a DECA diamond.
  4. Meeting new DECA members from across the country while waiting in line for awesome rides like Soarin' or California Screamin'.
  5. Taking hilarious photos instead of screaming on rides like Tower of Terror. 
  6. Hanging out in Downtown Disney for great shopping and delicious food. 
  7. Having flash mobs of DECA members in all the theme parks. 
  8. Explaining to your waitress what DECA was and teaching her the DECA diamond.
  9. Getting soaked on Splash Mountain. 
  10. Enjoying the beautiful fireworks at Disneyland. 

Having a great time was not an issue for ICDC attendees this year! Whether you went home with a medallion, a trophy or just amazing memories, the 2013 ICDC was nothing short of magical.

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