DECA Encounters

I was sitting in the lobby of the Minneapolis Hyatt Regency preparing for Minnesota's state conference when a woman approached me and asked what I was doing. I told her I was preparing for the Minnesota DECA State Conference, but it was clear that this did not answer her question. She then asked me all about DECA, so I told her about the organization, what we do, and how DECA has changed my life.

We talked like this for twenty minutes or so before her husband came to pick her up. As she left she told me, "You know, with people like you and these DECA kids, I feel pretty comfortable with the future of our world. God bless." Then she asked for my business card and walked away. 

Later that week I received an email from her asking how her grandchildren (who go to a school without DECA) could work on starting a chapter. 

Little encounters like this go a long ways. I felt touched by this woman's kindness and she was impressed with DECA's level of professionalism. This was not some huge project, but I am proud to know that just one more person is aware of our organization and what we do. I'm proud to be a DECA member. 

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