THRIVE Academy: Digital Storytelling Challenge Winner

This year's brand new THRIVE Academy included an exciting Digital Storytelling Challenge in partnership with the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM). DECA members were challenged to create a blog post, as well as a photo collage or short video, that explained how DECA has helped them THRIVE.

Members had to keep their photo collages and videos under 30 seconds and use the various storytelling components they learned in their academy during ICDC. All submissions were reviewed by a panel of social media experts and of the numberous projects, only four teams were chosen to be in the final round.

The winning team is Cody Hatfield, Eric Wang, Kourtney Kirton from Skyline DECA in Washington and Mark Jabourian and Jose Piriz from Richlands DECA in Virginia. Watch their awesome THRIVE video and read their blog post to find out how these DECA members THRIVE!


For our group, DECA is more than a club. It’s a lifestyle.

DECA has helped us THRIVE by being the only marketing association that goes the extra mile to prepare us for the business world. DECA has taught us a multitude of life skills that high school could never have. We have learned how to be confident, professional, and most importantly, who we are as young leaders. DECA has allowed us to be ourselves and learn through our own experiences; we determine how successful we are in our own lives. It all depends on our effort and how willing we are to go that extra mile.


Since the acronym “DECA” is no longer in use, we came up with an acronym that we feel embodies DECA in the present day and all that it gives to us:

  • Dedication
  • Education
  • Communication
  • Association

Congratulations to our winning team and we hope you continue to THRIVE!

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