You Call That Service?

We’ve all dealt with customer service in one form or another: be it a server in a restaurant, an associate in a store, or a customer service rep (CSR) over the phone. In June, I will celebrate the 10 year anniversary since I started selling Cutco with Vector Marketing, and I’ve been spoiled by the great customer service that we provide to our customers and sales representatives.

A while back, I was out for a friend’s birthday dinner where we had terrible service. The server told us we were wrong about a past menu item, forgot the birthday person’s meal, poked me in the arm to get my attention and disappeared for long periods, among other things. Making a mistake on food or correcting us about a menu item can be forgiven if it’s handled the right way, especially if the restaurant is busy, but in this case there was no reason or excuse for that kind of horrible service. Service like this not only leaves customer dissatisfied, but with a lasting negative impression of the company  in general, no matter what positive associations they had for it prior. 

Maybe this is where Cutco Customer Service and Vector Field Service have spoiled me rotten. On numerous occasions they have gone out of their way to take care of my customers not just as people but as valued customers. I once wrote up an order incorrectly (100% my mistake) so the customer received most of her set of knives in black and one piece in white. Oops! When I contacted Vector Field Service, they reshipped the item in the correct color and let the customer keep the white one. They could have sent a shipping label to have the customer return the piece. They could have charged me for the shipping or the extra piece. They did neither. Happy rep, happy customer, and I learned to double check my orders before I submitted them!

In another instance, I had a question about my pay statement. Vector Field Service is open until midnight EST for two reasons: to take care of our West Coast reps and managers as well as to field questions after regular business hours when our reps and managers probably have more time to decompress and take care of administrative tasks. I spoke with a late shift Vector Field Service rep who couldn’t answer my question, but was eager to get the answer from a day supervisor and follow up with me the next evening when her shift started. Due to my schedule, I wasn’t available for another 48 hours, but the rep got the answer for me and remembered to call me at the time that I was available two nights later. That’s service!

So here are some things that I try to think about when I’m giving service to someone that I don’t know:

  • Is this the level of respect I would use if I were talking to or giving service to my grandmother?
  • Is this product or service a good fit for your needs? Or does it just boost my numbers?
  • Is there any way that I can make you feel special? Can I leave you better than I found you?

Cheers to the companies out there that give great service!

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