Learning to Move Forward from PostNet CEO Steve Greenbaum

During this year’s DECA International Career Development Conference opening session, PostNet CEO Steve Greenbaum served as keynote speaker. He was impressed by DECA's ability to prepare students for the business world and our tenacity to strive to become the innovative leaders of tomorrow.

His speech was entertaining, as well as insightfully. Clips of his experience on Undercover Boss, the hit CBS TV show, guided a majority of his speech. On the show, he went "undercover" as an employee in his own company, completely unrecognizable by the employees he interacted with when disguised.

The experience was thought provoking and intimate to him. Many lessons he learned during his experience were utilized in his speech. Greenbaum stressed that DECA members should consider some of these lessons as guidelines for competing. He educated DECA members on the importance of being able to embrace change and take responsibility. He encouraged them to love the work they do and to always have the appropriate attitude and mindset. As emerging leaders, DECA members must remember to lead with clarity and purpose.

Greenbaum also touched on the profound circumstances he experienced when growing up. His parents’ divorce was a particularly difficult point in his life, which affected him for many years to come, and he later dropped out of high school. Despite these setbacks, Greenbaum was still able to cultivate his widely successful business.

As 16,500 DECA members compete this year at ICDC or during any other endeavor members may face in their lives, they should always remember that if Steve Greenbaum could make it, they can too.

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